Why a new image for our law firm?

Brand identity is a key factor for a law firm, because it helps build reputation, differentiate itself from the competitive firms, communicate values and create a sense of internal cohesion.

When people see a brand, they immediately associate values and feelings with that brand.

It is vital to understand that a brand is not simply a logo. While the logo is a part of the brand, it works together with other elements, including:

  • Colors
  • Typography
  • Tone of voice
  • Design

In the life of a company, association, institution or commercial activity, it may happen that you need to transform your face in order to give yourself a new image. A new graphic look that talks about your company, that better reflects current or upcoming novelties.


In our case, we wanted to underline our desire for transformation and renewal: the simple acronym of the initials of the previous Frignani Virano Associati studio contains within itself the roots of the past and the drive towards the future.

In the new FVA LAW logo, there is the combination of this transformation: enhancing the history and experience acquired in over 30 years of activity, projecting itself towards a new dimension and planning.

A logo with a minimal and essential character.

Its symbol is a contemporary moving libra, which represents the dynamism of the team of lawyers, the international character of the firm, and its ability to look at the future and at the innovation

The green color expresses freshness, positivity and energy.

And you, what do you think of our new logo?