"Energy is the capacity for doing work. It may exist in potential, kinetic, thermal, helectrical, chemical, nuclear, or other forms. […] Energy can be neither created nor destroyed but only changed from one form to another. This principle is known as the conservation of energy or the first law of thermodynamics […] Energy can be converted from one form to another in various other ways "

“Energy”. Encyclopedia Britannica, 18 Oct. 2022

Energy law & Utilities

The Firm has consolidated experience in assisting and advising companies and corporate groups active in the regulated energy sectors, in particular natural gas and urban district heating, where the multidisciplinary skills of our lawyers together with teamwork allow us to solve complex problems and support businesses in complex operations and projects.

The Firm assists its clients both in the compliance with the sector legislation adopted by the Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and the Environment (ARERA), as well as in the judicial dispute before the administrative jurisdictional authorities, at every level of judgment. Our layers have a specific expertise in relation to the transport, distribution and sale of natural gas, the implementation of national and European standards on functional unbundling and national regulation of urban district heating services.

The lawyers of the firm also regularly provide assistance in the management of contracts for both the purchase and sale of energy and support clients by legal opinions in the different areas of regulated energy market law and antitrust law applied to these specific industrial sectors.

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