Who we are

The firm has been founded by professor Aldo Frignani in the 1990. His experience, acquired through years of legal practice and academic teaching, has always been combined with a global view, thanks to his study and teaching experience both in Italy and abroad. The Firm has been enriched over the time by the skills and competence of the partner Paolo Virano, who led to the change of the name of the firm to “Frignani Virano e Associati” and, subsequently, Alessandra Sonnati.
The evolution
In 2019 the firms “Frignani Virano e Associati” and “Elexi” started a collaboration, joining two centers of excellence in a single office in Corso Galileo Ferraris in Turin. This has represented the keystone to build a partnership in the legal field, whose mission is to create a synergy between experts with an international appeal. United by common professional experiences, the two firms have decided to enhance their respective skills to offer their clients even more effective advice on increasingly broader legal issues.
The future
At the beginning of 2023 the Firm team has been further strengthened with the entry of the new partner Dario Paschetta. At the same time, to give a further boost to the renewal, the firm adopts a new name and a new logo. FVA LAW sums up this transformation: enhancing the historical roots and the experience acquired in over 30 years of activity. A logo characterized by a contemporary moving libra, which represents the dynamism of the team of lawyers, the international character of the firm, and its ability to look at the future; all aimed at better satisfying the needs of clients in a constantly evolving market.
The Mission
The firm supports clients with a complete range of services, from the management of the day-to-day operations, contract drafting, intellectual and industrial property rights defense and enforcement, to the extraordinary operations, as well as the management of the related litigations. Our goal is to offer a legal assistance as closest as possible to the needs of businesses and adapt it to the changing scenarios. By identifying with the needs of their clients, the lawyers of the firm are able to offer customized and innovative solutions as well as efficient in terms of costs.

The founder

Aldo Frignani, founder of the firm Frignani Virano ed Associati, passed away on 2018. Aldo has always combined, with passion and empathy, the academic and the professional commitment with his contribution to the civil society. After having graduated from the University of Modena (J.D.1962), he studied at the Johns Hopkins University and the Faculté Internationale de Droit Comparé in Strasbourg and he continued his studies at the New York University Law School and at the Academy of American and International Law in Dallas. He has been appointed as Full Professor of Comparative Law and of EU Private Law at the University of Turin, and he was visiting professor or lectured at many foreign Universities among which New York (Fordham University) and Harvard Law School. Author of numerous publications, text, books and articles on Antitrust Law, International Arbitration, International Contracts, Distribution Contracts and Industrial property Law.