"Firms, banks and insurance companies: a much-needed collaboration. "

Banking and insurance law

The Firm, due to his cross-expertise, proposes itself as a trait d’union between companies and banking and insurance operators, offering a complete assistance regarding:

  • factoring, leasing, project financing and securitization;
  • debt restructuring process;
  • arbitration on interest rate swap;
  • violation of the rules concerning bank transparency and investment protection;
  • liaising with the supervisory Authorities.

Our lawyers are thoroughly experienced in rendering legal advice with reference to all insurance related matters, developing modern solutions to nowadays insurance law problems. We serve as legal counsels to the Italian Association of Insurers (ANIA) in particular in relation to complex and transnational claims. The law firm handles litigations for the major insurance companies. In particular the Firm advises on issues related to jurisdiction, applicable law as well as compliance with national law and EU law.

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